You. Are. Important.
I’m with you. I really am.
It’s you and me, kid. And it’s going to be okay. Get vulnerable. Get open. Get yourself up. And get yourself back. Emotions aren’t for eating; they’re for feeling, baby. Have a sense of humor. Lighten up. Jump up. Live up. Stand up. And speak up. About what’s really going on. What you really need. And let’s work together to figure out…how we can fix…your issues with food. With life. With weight. With circumstances. And that one thing you just can’t seem to forgive yourself for. Do it. Play all of the time, and as much as you can. In the park. In the office. In your home. In your heart. In your head. And with your soul. What’s weighing you down, darling? Is it the emptiness? The alone? The nights without passion? The mornings without enthusiasm? Or maybe just the mourning of the person you used to be. Before you lost you. Before you lost your way. And before you knew how much things could change. But just like they changed before—They can change again. You can change again. You can feel yourself radiate. Feel the excitement. The adventure. The possibility. The beauty. The fresh air. The flowers. The rain. The new. The wonders of the world. The hope. The curiosity. The pride. The glow. And every other sexy little twinge in your soul, just waiting to be acknowledged again. After all—it’s never about your weight. It’s about what’s waiting on you.